Benchmarks Feedback

Benchmarks is a research-based instrument of 164 items designed to assess the lessons that managers and leaders can and must learn from experience and problems that can stall their careers. Participants select a superior, up to five peers and five direct subordinates and have them complete the Benchmarks questionnaires. All data, including the participant’s own responses are then computer-analyzed and represented in a comprehensive, easy-to-read, 38 page Feedback Report.

The results contrast the scores of Self and all Observers and then Self, Peers and Direct Subordinates with the scores of other managers in the appropriate norm or reference group for the individual manager.

The Benchmarks Report includes feedback on:

  • 16 skills and perspectives important to success
  • Problem areas that have potential to stall a manager’s career
  • How a manager or executive might handle critical jobs
  • How the individual manager compares with other Australian managers and executives

The 16 skills and perspectives that research shows a manager can and must learn in order to be successful are:

  • Resourcefulness
  • Doing whatever it takes
  • The ability to be a quick learner
  • Decisiveness
  • Leading employees
  • Setting a developmental climate
  • Confronting problem employees
  • Team orientation
  • Hiring talented staff
  • Building and mending relationships
  • Compassion and sensitivity
  • Straightforwardness and composure
  • Balance between personal life and work
  • Self-awareness
  • Putting people at ease
  • Acting with flexibility

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