Program Design & Facilitation Assignments

Blue Dot Learning offers services in designing and/or facilitating specific customized training that is required from time-to-time by clients.

Examples of Program Design & Facilitation Assignments are:

  1. The design and facilitation of a 2-day Train-the-trainer program for product specialist of a global Private Bank.
  2. The design and facilitation of a ‘Breaking Bad News’ program aimed at helping managers deliver news effectively to their staff.
  3. The design and facilitation of a Consultative Selling Skills program aimed at the regional sales team of a global MNC.

In designing a customized program, Blue Dot Learning will work closely with the business lines to determine the specific training needs and outcomes required from the program stressing on application back-at-work. Programs designed by Blue Dot Learning aims to deliver and facilitate skill-learning and behaviour change among program participants.

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