RBS – Continued to support the Management Essentials program in Singapore. The program was very well received by participants in HK and Singapore last year. Conducted leadership programs for their consumer banking team in Jakarta. This has been running for the past 2 years for the ABN AMRO and now RBS team. Also participating in one-to-one phone coaching for senior managers.

BNP – Supported BNP in their global Leadership programs for their Singapore managers. Involved in being trained to deliver a global leadership program for a key business group at BNP.

MAS – I was the Program Director for a 5 day program for young professionals and running 6 sessions of Generative Conversations for managers. Ran a workshop to support their Employee Survey for a team. Ran 4 programs on Generative Conversations (GC) with extremely good feedback. Will be conducting 3 more GC programs for MAS this year

BP – Ran an effective performance conversations for their managers in KL and India as part of the global faculty for Oliver Wyman on the BP account. Ran a 2-day Effective Performance Conversation workshop for senior managers in early June in Melbourne. Co-trained with my mentor and good friend, Barry Freeman, a really experienced Australian trainer based in Sydney.

UBS – Conducted a difficult conversation workshop for all levels in February. This program was very well received especially the generative conversation model and the conflict resolution workshop in the afternoon. Conducted a number difficult conversation workshops for managers to support the performance management conversations.

Johnson & Johnson – Conducted a 2-day Management Program for the Johnson & Johnson management team in Vietnam. The program was supported by an excellent translator / facilitator based in Ho Chin Min.

BASF– Conducted diversity workshops ‘Inclusive Conversations’ as a follow-up to their basic ½ day program last year. Ran a supervisory and communications program later in the year. Conducted a one-day leadership program for a group of high performers for one business.

Cisco – Was a feedback coach for a senior leadership program, Breakthrough in March. This is with Leading Initiatives, a leadership group based in Sydney. Used the Hogan instrument – which I highly recommend for senior managers. Ran another leadership program – Cisco Edge, with very positive feedback from the first-line managers.

Elsevier – Conducted a 2-day coaching program for the management team in Greater China and Korea. Highly interactive with ample opportunities to practice and internalize the skills.

ABN AMRO –Ran another Coaching Skills program for senior managers and a Time Management program for the Private Bank. The 1 day coaching program was to assist 4 managers in their coaching skills. Ran a 2-day Essential Management Skills program in May.

Fiserv – Conducted a Difficult conversation & managing conflict program, an Influencing without Authority program for key senior staff in Singapore. Really well received. Ran a leadership program for their senior managers later on in the year.

Linde Gas – Conducted a 2.5 day Manager to Leader program for senior regional managers in Singapore. Used assessment tools as well as in-depth coverage of coaching and change.

IDC– Ran a vendor interviewing workshop. I video taped best practices and used the video to conduct the training. Really interesting assignment. Also, completed 2 coaching assignments.

Deutsche Bank – Ran an offsite for senior team leaders using the MBTI in May. Assisted the team to action plan on meeting their performance goals.

EDB (Economic Development Board, Singapore) – Ran 2-day workshops that are part of an overall program for those transitioning from an individual contributor to a new manager.

Kelly Ingredients – Conducted a 2.5 day workshop for their young professionals in Singapore. The program is now a regional Kelly program with a second 2010 program running in the second half of 2010