BP – Spent a week in the UK to be selected then trained as part of a global faculty to train 20,000 managers worldwide. Really exciting and more to come on this front. Conducted programs in Jakarta and Vietnam.

MAS – Assisted a team to build cohesiveness in a senior management team. Assisted MAS in developing a debrief ‘meeting-in-a-box’ for their Gallup survey results. Also trained their HR managers in facilitation skills and 2 OD ‘off-the-shelf’ interventions – ‘Jump Start and Team Start’. Ran a Generative Conversation Day 1 program and assisted in two team effectiveness workshops. Day 2 will be in March where I will be following up on behavior change

Deutsche Bank – Conducted Performance Management programs at the end of the year 2008 and beginning 2009

Coutts – Ran a 1 day Sales Effectiveness Program. It went so well they immediately book another run for the middle of 2008.

JPMorgan – Conducted a number of programs for new managers and middle managers. The middle manager (2-day Manager to Leader Program) training was conducted in multiple locations with very strong positive feedback from participants.

ABN AMRO – Ran the Essential of Management Skills for their managers in HK, Singapore and Indonesia. Also for the I continue to run the Consultative Selling Skills, Advanced Consultative Selling Skills and Sale Coaching for Managers for their Preferred banking teams in Singapore and Malaysia (Sales Coaching only).

Linde Gas – Conducted 2 very well received middle manager program (Manager to Leader) and 4 first line manager programs (Management Essentials) in 3 countries

Merrill Lynch – Ran new manager programs (Management Essentials) and middle management programs (Leadership Essentials) with very good feedback.

Lexis Nexis – Ran a Management Essentials program for their emerging managers in the region.

RBS – Ran new manager programs (Management Essentials) and middle management programs (Leadership Essentials) for RBS in Indonesia customized for the needs of managers

ING – Conducted a program for first line managers with strong feedback.

Visa International – Conducted a line manager program for managers in Singapore – 4 half-days focusing on coaching skills.

Macquarie Bank – Ran 4 modules of a management program for a Sydney based leadership group, Leading Initiative Worldwide.

Reed Elsevier – Conducted a high-impact Consultative Selling Skills program aimed at increasing personal sales productivity