Global manufacturing — provided coaching for the GM of a global manufacturing with a large plant in Singapore.

SMU – trained SMU student leaders at the School of Accounting how to engage poly and JC students.

Rowsley – conducted 4 team workshops for intact team to get at feedback for the senior managers and the team.

Cisco – as an associate of Leading Initiative Worldwide, a Australian-based leadership development organization,  ran a full day team ‘Power of Teams’ as part of the global faculty for this program at Cisco.

Singapore Management University (SMU) – conducted 16 career workshops for undergraduates as part of their Finishing Touch program in Jan and Jun.

Monetary Authority of Singapore – conducted Management Development Programs 1 & 2 for two cohorts including two sessions of one-on-one coaching for each participant after the workshop. Conducted multiple mid-year and year-end performance management workshops for managers.

Standard Chartered Bank – as an associate of Cirrus, a UK based leadership organization, co-facilitated a 2 day business simulation for 30+ senior managers with 2 sessions of one-on-one coaching after. Coached a senior manager in Hong Kong to transition to a bigger role. 

Voith, Kluber – as an associate of Hans Jablonski, a German-based Diversity trainer, conducted 3 one-day Diversity Programs for senior managers and one 2 day Inclusive Leadership Program in Asia.

Bayer – as an associate with the Munich Leadership Group, designed and delivered multiple ‘Growing Feedback Culture Programs’ for Bayer Pharma in the Asia Pacific.

SMBC – conducted more than 70 one-on-one 360 feedback sessions for GMs and Joint-GMs for the SEA, South Asia and Australia regions.

Julius Baer – conducted multiple short half-day management training such as coaching for the Singapore office.

HSBC – Mentoring – conducted multiple workshops  to brief mentors and mentees to support internal HSBC mentoring programs.

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) – ran a 4 day program over 6 months to support new managers at the Singapore office.

Economic Development Board (EDB) – conducted multiple 2-day programs for new heads and team leads. Provided heads with a toolbox of skills that can be applied immediately back at work. 

BNP Paribas — conducted two 2-day programs for new managers to impart essential management skills to new team leads. 

PerformGlobal – as an associate with PerformGlobal, a German-based leadership development organization, to facilitate two 3-day programs for senior leaders in China.

Singtel – provided coaching support for 10 high performing staff to help them with their career development and professional capability building.