Offsite-Design & Facilitation

Blue Dot Learning offers services in the strategic offsite design and facilitation.  We believe that ‘offsites’ are expensive one-shot, one-chance events that MUST succeed.  Hence, Blue Dot Learning will only design the structure of the event with the collaboration and in partnership of the sponsor.

The process involves five main steps:

  1. Crafting realistic task & people objectives including establishing measures of success and failure
  2. Collaboratively and iteratively establishing a sequence of activities that meets the agreed objectives
  3. Setting-up for success by establishing supportive actions before the workshop
  4. Preventing failure by contingency and obstacle planning
  5. Facilitating the offsite and coaching the sponsor

In offsite design and facilitation, Blue Dot Learning believes

  1. That most of the work must be done before the event because an offsite has only once chance of success.
  2. There must be a ‘no’ surprise rule between the sponsor and Blue Dot Learning.  We insist that the sponsor or the designated ‘owner’ of the offsite must know what will exactly happen during the offsite even before the offsite happens.
  3. The Blue Dot Learning facilitator should be the least remembered person of the offsite.  The role of the facilitator is to ensure the activities and people achieve it’s objectives while consistently focusing the entire offsite on the team.
  4. Part of the role of the facilitator is to also coach the sponsor of the event so that he/she can take immediate action to ensure the success of the offsite.
  5. The administration and coordination work will be the owned by the client.