UBS – completed a workshop for the managers in Singapore as part of their leadership/management offering in Singapore.

BNP Paribas – Conducted 2 programs for Management Essentials in their regional campus in Singapore.

Telstra – Co-facilitated and/or supported Emerging Leaders program for new managers and Building Leadership programs for experienced managers in Singapore and Hong Kong.  As an associate with Leading Initiatives Worldwide (LIW).

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) – completed two 5-day workshop for young professionals covering influencing skills, self-awareness (MBTI), introduction to leadership and coaching.  Completed a feedback and delegation program for new managers.

eBay– Conducted Management Essentials in their regional new managers. Conducted in Bangkok.

Mastercard – Facilitated a Strengths Finder workshop for an intact senior team based in the Singapore office.

Tate&Lyle – completed two 3-day workshops for senior managers in the Shanghai office. This is part of an award winning leadership program as an associate with Leading Initiatives Worldwide.

Bayer– Conducted effective feedback and performance culture workshop in Singapore as part of the annual global roll-out. This is as an associate with the Munich Leadership Group.

Standard Chartered – Part of the coaching panel of a global consulting organisation – CIRRUS – supporting the INSEAD leadership development of senior managers.  Supported 5 senior managers in Singapore and Indonesia with 5 coaching sessions.

Economic Development Board of Singapore (EDB) – completed training for all new managers at EDB. Also completed 2 programs of Influencing though Conversations and 2 programs of Peer Leadership aimed at pre-managers/young professionals.

Sumitomo Bank – Designed and conducted 8 sessions of mid year conversations for their senior managers in the Singapore office.

M1 – Facilitated three 3-day Leadership for Performance programs for they AGMs in the Singapore office.

ABN AMRO – completed two management workshops for managers in the Singapore office.

Sodexo– Ran a 2 day program for an intact senior country management team in the Philippines. Designed and ran three 2-day sales coaching workshops for senior sales managers in ASEAN and India.

Singtel– as part of the panel of coaches for senior leaders, engaged a senior manager on a coaching program that runs 2015 and 2016.

Singapore Management University (SMU) – completed career workshops for first year students using the MBTI.  Conducted 2 career talks for 3-4 years students.

Barclays – Conducted performance conversation workshops for their senior managers as an associate with Mercer.

IDC – Facilitated a short workshop on remote management for a small team in the Singapore office.

UOB – Conducted a short talk on communication styles for the operations team in Singapore.

BP – as part of BP’s global faculty, completed as an attendee a 4 session program on using Adobe Connect to conduct webinars.   This is part of the effort to convert existing programs to the webinar format.

Ministry of Manpower – conducted a Strengths-Finder workshop for an intact team in Singapore.