Skillscope Feedback

SKILLSCOPE is a highly practical multi-rater feedback instrument for junior and middle management and supervisory staff. SKILLSCOPE enables individuals, groups and organizations to quickly and easily identify their key strengths and developmental needs.

SKILLSCOPE is based on what managers’ job roles entail and the skills they require to be effective within those roles. The 98-item questionnaire draws on 15 clusters of skills that are proven to be critical to effectiveness in the workplace:

What it Measures

Information Skills

  • Obtaining and making sense of information
  • Communicating information and ideas

Decision Making

  • Taking action, making decisions
  • Risk-taking, innovation
  • Administrative/organizational ability
  • Managing conflict, negotiation


  • Relationships
  • Selecting, developing people
  • Influencing, leadership, power
  • Openness to influence, flexibility

Personal Resources

  • Knowledge of job, business
  • Energy, drive, ambition

Effective Use of Self

  • Time management
  • Coping with pressure, adversity, integrity
  • Self-management, self-insight, self-development
  • Self development

SKILLSCOPE is used for:

  • Personal assessment and development
  • Group development as part of team building
  • Designing training or development programs for individuals, groups or entire organizations

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