Employee Climate Survey

Blue Dot Learning offers services in designing and executing Employee Climate Surveys.  Blue Dot Learning focuses on the process of designing the survey to drive success.   The process involves the participation of both the sponsor and Blue Dot Learning to ensure that the survey is meaningful and useful to the organization.

The process involves six main steps:

  1. Crafting realistic survey objectives including establishing measures of success and failure
  2. Collaboratively and iteratively establishing the survey dimensions and sub-dimensions
  3. Collaboratively and iteratively designing questions that will be relevant to the organization
  4. Identifying issues and obstacles in implementation
  5. Implementing the completed survey
  6. Recommending organizational actions steps from the survey result.

Blue Dot Learning believes that the most important part of a survey is what happens after a survey is implemented.  Blue Dot Learning will produce a survey report that is focus on immediate action that needs to be taken as a result of the survey.

For more information, contact stephenyong@bluedotlearning.com