Training Needs Analysis

Blue Dot Learning offers services in designing and executing Training Needs Analysis (TNA).  We believe that the crux of a successful TNA must address training needs that support the business needs of the organization. As such, Blue Dot Learning believes that the nature of the TNA and the type of assessment tools (interviews, surveys, observation, document review etc) used will depend on the needs of the organization.

The process involves five main steps:

  1. Understanding the need for a TNA by focusing on the needs of the organization
  2. Collaboratively establishing the objectives of the TNA
  3. Collaboratively establishing the assessment method of the TNA
  4. Identifying issues and obstacles to success
  5. Collecting and analysing data
  6. Recommending organizational action steps from the TNA

Often, TNAs result in a list of courses. Blue Dot Learning believes that this should not be the case.  The TNA report should be actual action steps for management and staff to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to meet business objectives.  While, some of these action steps may be ‘class-room’ training, Blue Dot Learning  believes that training is much more than ‘class-room’ training and can include activities such as projects, assignments, mentoring, coaching, objectives-setting, reading, online programs,  shadowing, joint visits, staff being trainers and staff research.

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