Handling Difficult Customers

A 1-day program for front-line staff:

  • Handling angry customers effectively in face-to-face situations
  • Preventing angry customers by using customer engagement skills

Handling Difficult Customers aims at equipping front-liners with effective skills to handle difficult customers in face-to-face and telephone  situations.  The program focuses on helping front-liners deal with their own emotions to deliver consistent and friendly customer service regardless of situation.  Participants will also be trained how to prevent angry customers through the use of customer engagement skills that communicates to the customer your willingness to be friendly, helpful and caring.

The program will cover:

Day 1

  • How customers become angry
  • Handling difficult customers effectively

Day 2

  • Managing our own emotions
  • Using friendliness, helpfulness and care to diffuse difficult situations
  • Practice, practice, practice

For more information, contact stephenyong@bluedotlearning.com