Effective Interviewing Skills for Line Managers

Clients :  JP Morgan, ABN AMRO, Visa International

“Provides us with the skills to interview effectively”
“A highly recommended program for managers”
“Short and sweet – brings our skills up one level”
“We used the skills taught in the program – we found it very effective”

A ½  to 1 day program aimed at managers who need to hire people into their teams:

  • Use effective interviewing skills (behaviour questions) to select the best candidate for the job
  • Prepare effectively for an interview by thinking about what to look for (selection keys)
  • Jumpstarting the new hire by creating an ‘instant’ network and successfully integrating the new hire into the team

Managers are often asked to interview candidates for the team or for the organization.   Because most managers are not trained interviewers, this process often results in hiring the wrong person for the job — an expensive mistake in both cost and time.  This program aims at equipping the manager with the essential skills of interviewing to select the best fit for the job.  This program also explores what needs to be done for the new hire to ensure that the new hire is motivated, productive and contributing to the bottom-line as soon as possible

Participants are provided a highly detailed and practical Interviewing Manual. This manual can be customised to the needs to the organization.

The program will cover:


  • How we normally interview
  • Using behaviour questions and an interviewing process
  • Preparing to interview


  • Practice Interviews
  • “Jumpstarting” a new hire

For more information, contact stephenyong@bluedotlearning.com