The Strong Interest Inventory (Career Development)

The revised Strong Interest Inventory provides the most valid, powerful and up-to-date information to assist individuals to make informed decisions about career choices.

It is a vital tool for those working with students exploring career options, clients changing employment, and those who are interested in career development. The Strong is a carefully constructed, easily used questionnaire which inquires about a respondent’s level of interest in a wide range of occupations, work activities, leisure activities, and educational subjects. Computer analysis compares the pattern of the individual’s responses to the patterns of people of different types and in different occupations, allowing assumptions to be made about what areas the respondent is likely to achieve satisfaction in.

The Strong gives the respondent five main types of information:

  • General Occupational Themes which reflect the respondent’s overall orientation to work
  • Basic Interpretative Scales which report consistency of interests or aversions in specific areas
  • Occupational Scales representing the similarity between the respondent’s interests and the characteristic of individuals in particular occupations
  • Personal Style Scales measuring aspects of the style in which the respondent likes to learn, work, assume leadership, and take risks
  • Administrative Indexes which help identify invalid or unusual profiles.

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