Interviewing Skills for Managers

for Visa International in Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo and Sydney. This program was designed and customized to support regional recruitment initiatives at Visa in the AP region.

Blue Dot Learning designed and customized an Interviewing Skills for Managers program targeted at hiring managers at Visa International in the Asia Pacific.  Managers are often asked to interview candidates for the team or for the organization.

This program aims at equipping the manager with the essential skills of interviewing to select the best fit for the job.  The program imparts practical skills in an interactive and time effective way.

For reference, participants are provided a highly detailed and practical Interviewing Manual.

This highly interactive and well received program will continue to support the hiring of talent for Visa in 2006.  Here are some typical feedback on the program:

“This is a course that any hiring manager has to take” “Very Good”  “Excellent and timely”

“Interesting, I feel that I am a better Interviewer” “Very Interactive” “Easy to learn”